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made according to customer preferences, and by following popularPompeii and Amalfi Coast tours routes or other trackways that I recommend. As the famous Amalfi Coast can be enjoyed by visiting the romantic city of Positano, considered the jewel of the Amalfi Coast, where upon arrival guests can have free time to stroll through the quaint streets of this beautiful village, full of trendy shops, craft sandals, art galleries and so on. Or maybe tastes same excellent cappuccino on the beach. Then go after an hour drive to the next town which is Amalfi. Well, know as the old Republic of Amalfi. Where is possible to visit the Cathedral dedicate at Sait Andrew Apostol and the paper mill museum who are the main attractions in town. While 6 km (about 3.7 miles 20 min by car) from Amalfi there is another magical village named Ravello, located 300 meters (about 984 feet) above sea level, enjoying fabulous landscapes and panoramic views from the famous Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone it is beautiful even for their gardens. During the trip you can stop and take great pictures and why not, stop for lunch at a local restaurant.
In addition to the well-known archaeological sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Vesuvius, other excursions can to be the lesser-famous but fascinating as the Greek Temples of Paestum, the treasures of Naples, Reggia di Caserta, wine, gastronomic tours and much more. For lovers of fashion Italian transfers and tours, youshore excursions from port of Naples, Salerno, Sorrento can be combined with the outlet visits. All these things and much more, with a safe and comfortable driving.
We also do tours for clients that come with the cruise ships from the ports of Naples, Salerno, Amalfi, and Sorrento.
We can also make our private tour for customersAmalfi Coast tour from Rome who are in Rome. Our country provides to visitors who come to our country great service trains, allowing to reach Naples from Rome in only an hour. And start the tour of 8-9 hours from Naples train station. And back in Rome at 8.00pm. Reduced prices for those who buy the train tickets from home on-line. And additional discounts for small groups and children. For information visit Trenitalia website.

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